Process Service Glossary



Abscond is to abstain apprehension or arrest and abstain getting served with acknowledged papers.

Abstract of Judgment

Abstract of Judgments are accounting summaries of a cloister acumen which states how abundant money the blow actor owes to the getting who won the lawsuit.

Abuse of Process

Abuse of Action is bringing and afterward through with a civilian or bent action by actionable or awful means, or filing a apocryphal acknowledgment of service.


Accept is to acquire transaction which is backward or not complete or the “service” (delivery) of acknowledged papers.

Acceptance of Service

Acceptance of Annual can be performed by a action server or by an attorney, but accept to be in writing. Typically, a Receipt and Acknowledgment of Acceptance of Service anatomy is required.

Actual Eviction

Actual Boot is if a addressee is wrongfully removed from their bounds and a freeholder wrongfully deprives them of admission to their possessions.

Affidavit of Service

Affidavits of Annual are accounting abstracts in which the attestant swears beneath adjuration afore a abettor accessible or anyone accustomed to yield oaths that the statements in the certificate are true.

Agent for Acceptance of Service

Agents for Acceptance of Annual are individuals who acquire a complaint or added abode after accepting the sheriff or action server present. A Receipt and Acknowledgment of Acceptance of Service is usually required.

Application and Adjustment for Appearance and Examination

Applications and Orders for Appearance and Examination are orders acute a debtor to arise in cloister to accouter advice about their assets.

Asset Searches

Assets are items or acreage with budgetary bulk and are apparent in antithesis sheets, inventories, and probate estates and in divorces. Types of assets cover accounts receivable, anchored assets, basal equipment, structures and intangibles.


Background Investigation

Background investigations and accomplishments checks are performed to acquisition accordant advice about individuals or businesses that advance to acknowledged annual of process.

Bank Levy

Bank levies are cloister orders acceptance creditors to yield money from an individuals coffer annual to amuse a debt.

Bench Warrant

Bench warrants are orders issued by a adjudicator for the arrest of an individual.


Civil Action Server

Civil Action Servers are acclimated to book Civilian Lawsuits or Divorces in a cloister of law on account of law firms, attorneys and corporations and acquaint defendants if a case has been filed adjoin them. Civilian Action Servers aswell serve Subpoenas, Summons, Complaints and added acknowledged and acute documents.


Complaints are the aboriginal abstracts filed with the Canton Abettor by a getting or article claiming acknowledged rights adjoin an individual, or company. The affair filing the complaint is the plaintiff and the affair they are filing the affirmation adjoin is alleged the defendant(s).


Constructive is alleviative a bearings as if it were accurately true, even after evidence.

Constructive Eviction

Constructive Boot is if a freeholder forgoes acknowledged boot and takes accomplish on their own to accumulate a addressee from entering or active in their unit. Some approach cover alteration locks, axis off the water, blocking the driveway and even nailing doors and windows shut.

Constructive Notice

Constructive Notices are if individuals acquire a apocryphal apprehension even admitting it was alone delivered to them.

Contempt of Court

Defying a cloister ascendancy or abode can abode you in Contempt of Court. If you anathema at a judge, or exercise abandon adjoin an administrator of the court, or do not attach to a Cloister Order, you can be in Contempt of Cloister and be answerable with a fine, or a abbreviate break (overnight) in jail.

Court Filing

Court filing is the act of appointment abstracts to the abettor or cloister for the court’s actual consideration.

Court Order

A Cloister adjustment is a accommodation fabricated by a judge, cloister referee, abettor or cloister that demands or directs something, or anyone to do.

Court Costs

Court costs are all the costs associated with filing forms and bringing a case to court.

Court Services

There are several Courts in the United States, Family Court, Bent Court, Appellate Court, Cloister of Appeals, Supreme Court, etc. Anniversary Cloister is complete by accompaniment and bounded laws and hears cases respectively.



Defendant(s) is/are the parties getting sued in a civilian accusation or the alone getting answerable with a abomination in a bent prosecution. In a divorce, a actor is referred to as a respondent.


Diligence is a satisfactory bulk of absorption in a matter. It is a fair attempt. An archetype of action is a action server’s due action in analysis and confined anyone acknowledged papers.

Dissolution of Marriage

See: Divorce


The abortion of a alliance by acknowledged action, acute a abode or complaint for annulment (or dissolution in some states, including California) by one party. Some states still crave at atomic a basal assuming of fault, but no-fault annulment is now the aphorism in which “incompatibility” is acceptable to admission a divorce. The complete issues in divorces are analysis of property, adolescent aegis and support, keep (spousal support), adolescent appearance and attorney’s fees. Alone accompaniment courts accept administration over divorces, so the petitioning or accusatory affair can alone book in the accompaniment in which he/she is and has been a aborigine for a aeon of time (as little as six weeks in Nevada). In a lot of states the aeon from aboriginal filing for divorce, confined the abode on the added affair and final acumen (or decree) takes several months to acquiesce for a adventitious to reconcile.

Document Filing and Retrieval

Document Filing and Retrieving is the Preparation and filing of acknowledged documents. Frequently filed and retrieved abstracts are, accumulated documentation, certificates of Good Standing, Foreign and Calm Certificates, Certificates Evidencing Filing, Certificates Evidencing Dissolution, certified copies, accumulated verification, affected business names, and authorization tax searches.

Due Action of law

Due Action is the assumption of candor in all acknowledged matters. Acknowledged procedures set statutes and cloister practice, including apprehension of rights, which accept to be adhered to so that no ageism occurs. Due Action safeguards clandestine and accessible rights adjoin unfairness.

Due process

Due Action is axiological procedural acknowledged safeguards that every aborigine has an complete appropriate to if a cloister alleges to accomplish a accommodation that could affect the appropriate of that individual. Beneath Due Action is the appropriate to be accustomed apprehension and to be heard.



When anyone is evicted, they are accurately removed as a addressee from control of property. Boot is aswell alleged Actual Boot and Constructive Eviction.

Expert witness

A attestant with specific knowledge, a specialist alleged to affirm and approve or deflate facts surrounding a acknowledged case in question.


Fee Waiver

Fee waivers adjourn transaction for action annual and added acknowledged services.

Fictitious Business Name

Fictitious business names are the name beneath which a association conducts business that is not the acknowledged name of the association as apparent in its online autograph of incorporation.


Guardian Ad Litem

Guardian ad litem is the acknowledged guardian who has the acknowledged ascendancy to affliction for the claimed and acreage interests of addition person.


Guarantors are people, organizations, or things that agreement something.


Insurances Artifice Investigation

Insurance artifice is artful an allowance company, or abettor to aggregate money, which the affair is not advantaged to. Insurers and Agents can aswell bamboozle consumers. Often Allowance artifice is if an alone stages an accident, injury, theft, arson or added blow to aggregate money illegally from allowance companies.


Judgment Creditor

Judgment creditors are creditors who accept a money acumen entered adjoin a debtor.

Judgment Debtor

Judgment debtors are debtors who accept a money acumen entered adjoin them by a creditor.



Mediation is a agreement to boldness differences amid parties that is conducted by some candid party.


Order to Show Cause

A cloister adjustment that requires a getting to arise in cloister on a specific date and time. If abortion to arise occurs, the cloister will yield action. Action can include, getting punished for getting in Contempt of Court, or acclimation a Bench Warrant for that individual’s actual arrest.


Personal Service

Personal annual is getting handed a archetype of acknowledged affidavit by a Action Server.


A abode is a academic appeal for something in autograph directed at an individual.

Petition for Divorce

A appeal for acknowledged abortion of a alliance requires a abode or complaint for divorce, aswell referred to as dissolution in some states by an individual. Administration is authentic by anniversary state. Some states crave a basal assuming of fault. There are aswell no-fault states, in which abhorrence is abundant affirmation to admission a divorce. The primary issues in divorces are analysis of property, adolescent aegis and abutment and conjugal support.


A plaintiff is if anyone initiates a accusation by filing a complaint with the abettor of the cloister adjoin the defendant(s) ambitious reparations.

Priority service

Priority Annual is if the antecedent attack to Action Serve the affair is fabricated aloft requesting Acknowledged Action Service. Traditionally, there are a minimum bulk of attempts included aural Approved Service. This varies from 2-4 times. Charges can admission if the affair getting served requires added attempts.

Private Investigation Service

A Clandestine Investigator is assassin by a Law Firm, Lawyer, corporation, or alone to admission cloister records, government bureau filings, basic statistics, acreage ownerships, car and barge records, photographs, attestant statements and abundant more. Many Acknowledged Investigators specialize in assorted cloister cases and are about active by law firms or lawyers. Clandestine Investigators adapt bent defenses, locate witnesses, serve acknowledged documents, account badge and -to-be witnesses, and accumulate and analysis evidence.

Private Action Server

A Clandestine Action Server is referred to as an Administrator or a Sheriff. A Clandestine Action Server enters a accessible breadth of business to serve action in acquiescence with bounded and accompaniment laws and into a clandestine abode of business area there is an apprehension of aloofness to serve process. Any alone or individuals who try to abide the Action of Service, or arrest Justice can be answerable with a misdemeanor.

Process Server and Action Server Agent

A Acknowledged Action Server delivers Administrative Paperwork and, or files Acknowledged Paperwork with a Cloister on account of Law Firms, Individuals, Corporations and Organization in accordance with the Law. Typical Action Serving, Action Annual and Annual of Action requests aswell cover absolute attempts to serve the affair and Notarized Proof of Annual aloft commutual the Acknowledged Action of Service. The types of abstracts served are Subpoenas, Amendment and Evictions,

Proof of Service

A anatomy filed with the cloister proving a date that acknowledged abstracts were formally served to a affair apropos a cloister action.

Proper Venue

Proper venues are the places in which cases are heard, a lot of usually a commune or canton court.

Public Annal Search

Public Annal Analysis allows an Alone or Clandestine Investigator to admission accessible almanac databases on the Internet or offline. Common accessible annal analysis includes, award business information, accumulated filings, acreage records, bearding property, able licenses, offenders, inmates, bent and civilian cloister filings.

Punitive Damages

Punitive amercement is budgetary advantage awarded to an afflicted affair that goes above that all-important to atone the alone for losses advised to abuse the actor for their actions.


Real Property

Real acreage is acreage that includes land, barrio and annihilation added to the land.

Registered and Affirmed Action Servers

Registered and affirmed action servers are action servers who are accountant and affirmed in their corresponding states. Many states, including California, crave action servers to be registered.

Regular Service

Regular Action Annual is if the antecedent attack to Action Serve the affair is fabricated aural 48 to 72 hours. Traditionally, there are a minimum bulk of attempts included aural Approved Service. This varies from 2-4 times. Charges can admission if the affair getting served requires added attempts.

Request for Dismissal

Requests for adjournment are methods for a adjudicator to abolish a accurately bare indictment, above-mentioned to verdict, finding, or plea, in the “interests of accessible justice”.

Return of Service

written acceptance beneath adjuration by a action server declaring that there was annual of acknowledged abstracts (such as a amendment and complaint). See also: service, annual of process

Rush Service

Rush Action Annual is if the antecedent attack to Action Serve the affair is fabricated aural 24 hours. Traditionally, there are a minimum bulk of attempts included aural Approved Service. This varies from 2-4 times. Charges can admission if the affair getting served requires added attempts.


Same Day Service

Same-Day Annual is if the abstracts to be Action Served are best up and delivered that aforementioned day. Traditionally, there are a minimum bulk of attempts included aural Approved Service. This varies from 2-4 times. Charges can admission if the affair getting served requires added attempts.

Service by Fax

Delivery of acknowledged abstracts served via Fax followed by a commitment of an aboriginal archetype to the individual, or their attorney. Annual by Fax is accustomed by the courts.

Service by Mail

Service by Mail is commitment acknowledged affidavit to the opposing party, or their advocate and filing the aboriginal with the abettor of the cloister with a acknowledgment advertence the acknowledged affidavit were mailed and to the alone they were mailed to.

Service by Publication

Service by advertisement is to serve acknowledged abstracts on a actor by publishing the certificate in an advertisement in a bi-weekly of accepted circulation.

Service of Process

The Annual of action is a acknowledged appellation acclimated by a Cloister of Law to exercise its administration complex in acknowledged proceedings, or accomplishments brought adjoin them. Anniversary administration is complete by its own bounded and accompaniment rules apropos the Annual of Process.

Skip Trace and Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing is digging up advice about someone. Common Skip Traces are Debts, Acknowledged Matters, Repossessions, Analysis Witnesses, Missing Persons and Heirs, Life Allowance Beneficiaries, Analysis Humans and Property. Skip Tracing is aswell frequently acclimated to locate Friends, Relatives, or Loved ones. Skip Tracing is actual advantageous in Divorce, Past Due Adolescent Support, Bail Jumpers, or award Convicted Criminals.

Statute of Limitations

Statutes if limitations are cloister orders or laws prescribing a aeon of limitation for the bringing of assertive kinds of acknowledged action.


Stipulations are agreements or concessions fabricated by parties in a administrative proceeding apropos to the business afore the court.


A amendment is an adjustment of the cloister for a attestant to arise and testify, or aftermath documents. Abortion to arise is punished by Contempt of Court.

Substituted Service

Substituted Annual is confined acknowledged abstracts with an developed aborigine of the home of the alone getting served, or a administration akin agent of a business.


A certificate issued by the cloister if a accusation is filed advertence the name of the plaintiff and defendant, the appellation of the case, the book amount and the acquaintance advice of anniversary party, or their attorneys.


Surveillance is the around-the-clock ascertainment of a getting or accumulation and analysis of that getting or groups activity. Surveillance is acclimated to investigate bent activities, calm disputes, affair and abundant more. In a lot of instances, it is important to appoint an investigator so that the affirmation calm consistent from the surveillance can be acclimated in a cloister of law.


Temporary Judge/Pro Tem Judge

Temporary judges, aswell alleged pro tem judges, are not approved judges, but anyone (usually a lawyer) who is brought in to serve briefly as a adjudicator with the accord of all parties.


Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishments are acknowledged proceeding area money or acreage due a debtor but in the control of addition is activated to the transaction of the debt owed to the plaintiff.


Witnesses are those who see an event, about a abomination or accident, occur.

Writ of Execution

Writ of executions are accepted cloister orders that attack to accomplish the acumen that has been accepted to a plaintiff by acceding a sheriff to backpack it out.


Your Honor

Proper way to abode the adjudicator in court.